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We are always on the look out for the next opportunity or site. We are interested in all types of land from barns to farmers fields to industrial estates and warehouses. No site is too big or too small!

As residential property development specialists, we understand the planning process, we have well established relationships with councils, architects and consultants and a long track record of successful collaborations with clients and partners.

Find out what your land is worth by speaking to a specialist. Call the Land Team today on 01799 588 400 for a no-obligation chat.


Case Study

Mr and Mrs S began talking to Amherst Homes when local housing development plans threatened their relatively isolated position on the outskirts of a village. Ironically, those same plans meant that their ¾ acre property was now worth less as a house and more as building land.

Mr S explains. “We’d already been approached by several developers when we decided to work with Amherst Homes. They’d impressed us immediately by asking us what we wanted, which hadn’t always been the case with others. They were practical, competent, and clearly very proud of what they built. They were local too, which was important to us, as we were mindful of opinion within the community.

“In the months that followed Amherst Homes worked closely with us: drafting an agreement that met our financial targets, developing a scheme that complied with NPPF guidelines and incorporated feedback from the local planning authority and relevant agencies, and keeping us abreast of our application’s progress.

“Throughout this process they remained calm and upbeat, inspiring confidence, and adeptly driving the project through to its ultimate successful conclusion. I would recommend Amherst Homes to anyone in a similar situation to ours.”